Chill – Need a moment?

Life can be overwhelming at times, and Chill is the perfect antidote. Kids bothering you, weather too hot, lunch was a disaster? After an hour at Chill all will be forgotten.
Reflexology at Chill, Seminyak
Reflexology at Chill, Seminyak
The ritual at Chill, a reflexology and acupressure spa, begins with a warm foot wash in the specially designed marble bath. From there, slippers are on and the therapist leads you into a softly lit room with leather sofas divided by gossamer curtains.   You’re covered in a soft blanket, laid comfortably, either sitting propped up by pillows or laid flat, a lavender-scented eye mask blocks out the light and the scent adds to the relaxation. iPods are tuned to the sounds of nature or the ultimate chill out tracks ( you choose) and what follows is an hour, or longer, of pure Zen-like bliss.
Full Body Chill at Chill, Seminyak, Bali
Chill Factor 10 at Chill, Seminyak
  The world disappears as your therapist oils and massages your feet, expertly finding any tender spots and smoothing over any kinks in the calves.   Next, confident fingers stretch and knead the hands and up the arms to further render you care-less. The masseuse then moves to the back for a dry acupressure massage that reaches from the base of your spine to the shoulders. The final touch is to the neck and head.
Head & Shoulder Massage  at Chill, Seminyak
Head & Shoulder Massage at Chill, Seminyak
  The most difficult thing abut Chill is leaving, existing somewhere between sleep and wakefulness, almost in a meditative state, the therapist gently touches you and the experience is over. ‘No,’ you think. ‘I want to stay here all day.’
Massage, reflexology and Chill
Massage, reflexology and Chill
Thankfully an hour of Chill-ing costs less than $25, so you can do it again and again. When life gets crazy, you know what to do? Chill. It really helps.   Book direct through the 360bali app or contact Chill on +62 (361) 734701